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Our breeding program operates solely on royalties received from tree sales of our varieties. We do not receive any industry levy funds, government grants or tax breaks.

If as a grower you value this important program please ensure that you pay the royalties that allow the program to continue.

You can do this by always purchasing trees from the licensed nurseries listed here. Or if you have already bought trees without paying royalties, contact us, it is never too late to catch up.

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Royalty Status of Hidden Valley Varieties

The following table summarizes the royalty status of Hidden Valley varieties.

Variety Group
Protection Status
A4, A16, A38
PBR Expired, public domain varieties No royalty or propagation limitations.
A203, A268, A29
Grower/Propagator agreements HVP Licensed Nurseries will charge a royalty.
A376, A403, A422, A447, A538   
PBR Part 1 Applications accepted,
PBR provisional protection.
(Meaning of PBR status)
Only available through HVP Licensed Nurseries.
A royalty will be charged.

In detail, we use two mechanisms to protect our varieties and collect royalties.

  • PRB (Plant Breeders Rights) - This is a national and internationally legislated system that is similar to patents. It allows the breeder to control who propagates the variety, and thus a collect royalty, for a period of 25 years. It allows strong enforcement of the breeder’s rights but it has significant costs that inevitably get passed on growers. Monitoring can also be quite intrusive for both nurseries and growers.

  • Grower/Propagator agreements - This is system of business to business agreements that should ensure similar outcomes to PBR. It is essentially an honesty box system that has weaker enforcement than PBR but results in lower costs to ourselves and thus growers, and is less intrusive for growers than full PBR.

Details of the royalty status of our varieties are as follows

  • Our first releases - A4, A16, A38 - were through PBR, expired in 2008 & 2011 and are now royalty free.

  • Our second set - A203, A268, A29 - were done via Grower/Propagator agreements, we are still collecting a royalty on these varieties.
    Unfortunately over time some control has been lost over the propagation material for these varieties. This has led to a perception among some nurseries and growers that the royalty is optional, which in turn has resulted in poor levels of royalty compliance.
    However as far as we are concerned the royalty for A203, A268 & A29 is compulsory, though with weak enforcement.
    We would ask growers to only purchase these later varieties from HVP Licensed Nurseries who will charge a royalty on them.

  • Our next batch - A376, A403, A422, A447, A538 - are expected to be released in 2020. Due to the experience of poor royalty compliance with A203, A268 & A29 we will be going back to PBR. This will result in higher costs and more intrusive compliance checking for nurseries and growers. Unfortunately there not seem to be any other viable option.

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HVP Licensed Nurseries

The following nurseries have been licensed by us. They will charge a royalty on all our varieties except A4, A16 & A38.

They will be the only source for our new varieties that will be released next year.

Nurseries who wish to be licensed should contact us.

Queensland New South Wales South Africa
Australian Macadamia Nursery
Contact: Marco Prenzel
Ph 07 5486 7008
Mob 0400 867 009
Yarrahapinni Nursery
Contact: Carolyn Dobson
Ph 02 6569 0871
SA Agent: BioGold S.Africa
Contact: Viresh Ramburan
Ph +27 21 880 0650
Mob +27 84 408 6067
Bauple Mountain Macadamias
Contact: Melissa McAndrew & Adam Horvath
Mob 0427 638 715, 0409 871 992

Amorentia Estate & Nursery
Contact: Lauren Strever
Ph +27 74 146 3420
Hidden Valley Plantations
Contact: David Bell
Ph 07 5494 6179
Mob 0407 025 610

Baberton Valley Plantations Pty Ltd
Contact: Andre du Plessis
Ph +27 13 712 6260
Wide Bay Seedlings
Contact: David Pratt
Ph 07 4129 6684
Mob 0448 447 462

Cultivating Solutions Pty Ltd
Contact: Dustin/Charlene Cooper
Ph +27 82 255 2331
Forrest Nursery Queensland Pty Ltd
Contact: Lea Olsen
Ph 07 4155 9901
Mob 0418 432 790
Du Roi Multiplant
Contact: Anne-Helene Meyer
Ph +27 15 345 1650

RedSun Hortitech Pty Ltd
Contact: Mark Hassenkamp

Disclaimer. Hidden Valley Plantations accepts no responsibility for the quality of trees or delivery arrangements made between any of the above listed nurseries and the Buyer.

Retail Nurseries. Retail nurseries selling to garden outlets are not included in this list, however some are also able to sell our trees. In these cases, where appropriate, trees will be marked with a special PBR tag which indicates that the royalty has been paid.

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